Friday, April 29, 2011

Setting up for a UFO weekend

I've been quiet, but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy!

Here's a sneak peek at one project I finished today:

You'll have to wait until Sunday for the rest of the directions and photos.

This weekend between classes and tests and church and baby showers and company I'm working on a few UFOs, that is, unfinished objects. Unlike other crafters who seem to be able to actually finish projects they start, I get a big chunk finished and get distracted, or have a meeting, or run out of supplies and have to wait until the store is open.

Let's see, just off the top of my head, there's:

* a crocheted frog to finish (I'm stuck on the legs. 80 rows each! I need everyone out of the house for that kind of counting.)
* a basted butterfly quilt that just needs to be bound
* a flower garden lattice quilt that is waiting for silver embroidery (do I do that before or after I add the backing??)
* six bobbin pin cushions waiting to be made and gifted
* two baby blankets to be bound for Sunday
* a Christmas Tree wall hanging that I can put off until...Christmas
* a quilt for a graduation gift that needs finished blocks, sashing, border, backing, and binding
* eight sets of curtains that need hems on two sides
* a Boppy cover I've about given up on because the thing is just goofy!

I've also started quilt blocks for a duvet cover for myself, a fruit jar wall hanging, a baby quilt, a duvet cover for a friend, and a few other random quilts. I have yet to start a wedding present and a few other gifts for friends.


Tonight I worked on baby shower stuff and took photos for two projects. This weekend I hope to get both made into Squidoo lenses so I can show you how to make a beautiful cupcake tower using cardboard and soup cans, and two cheap and easy baby blankets (mine cost just $3.50 total)!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Just when you thought fabric couldn't get any cuter...

I didn't think you could get cuter than Moda's Sunkissed or Kate Spain's Central Park, Kate Spain prepares to launch Terrain.


Hit the fabric jackpot for $16 or less

Today my mom and I went fabric shopping. We found some pretty incredible stuff.

Gorgeous patterns! But you expect to find gorgeous fabric at fabric stores, so why is this such a big deal?

All of these are clothes!

A local resale charity shop had an $8 bag sale. What you see here is less than $16 worth of fabric, since about half a bag ended up being dress shirts I intend to wear. If you don't need a lot of fabric, or you want heavier fabrics for durable projects, or you want something unique, try your local Goodwill or equivalent - especially on bag sale days!

Here are some quilts my mom made with jeans, corduroys, and overalls.

When you shop bag sales, you can easily get enough heavy fabric for a warm quilt for less than $10, in colors and patterns you won't find in fabric stores. These three quilts were Christmas gifts for the stepkids.

Don't forget to check out sheets, tablecloths, and curtains. These make great project backings, even if they're not perfect. And mismatched pillows for inserts, and flannel sheets for pillowcases, and fleece blankets for lap quilt batting...

Friday, April 22, 2011

Last Day! Get a blog makeover

A Mommy's Sweet Blog Design is offering three special deals on blog design.

A Mommy's Blog Design Studio Huge Sale with $50 OFF

Need a makeover? Just plain need a blog? For a super cute design, start here.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

What I DON'T want to do

I actually started out by building my own mini sites and attempting to manage multiple sites and blogs and online businesses, but the technology never supported my ideas and work was a daily battle of frustration. Then for a while I partnered up with and after a while, I was hired on as their full time Community Organizer! Now that technology seems to have caught up with what I want to do in life, I'm shifting back towards all those mini sites and blogs I had ideas for.

(Don't worry! I'm still with Squidoo, loving it as much as ever, using it MORE than ever.)

What I don't want to happen is that two years from now I'm stuck at six posts and four readers and $0.18 in partnership revenue. Two years from now I want to have hundreds and hundreds of posts, thousands and thousands of readers, and enough partnerships to, at the very least, support my habit. (Will blog for freebies!)

While this isn't really a mom blog, so to say, how incredible would it be to end up among the links of these prolific ladies?

Oh, and by the way, soon you'll be able to read this on the Kindle. I. Can't. Wait!

Pretty Patterns

A good deal of the time I design my own quilt patterns from something I've imagined or something else I find that I like. Today I just happened to hit the pattern jackpot on these quilting sites:

April Rosenthal of Prairie Grass Patterns has an exciting new collection of quilt patterns that are simple to sew and look like they took ages. My fav, with image below shamelessly borrowed from her site, is Prep School Knockout 104, which is a totally versatile pattern perfect for your guy of any age or a reserved young lady.

This find for a Nursing Cover Tutorial isn't new but since they started putting something in the water and everyone around me seems to have popped with pregnancy, it's a very relevant pattern. Less than one yard of fabric gets you a simple and functional mommy-to-be gift.

This Chain Linked pattern by Amy Smart puts those incredible Moda Charm Packs (like this one, Moda MAX AND WHISKERS) to good use with eye popping solids.

Moda MAX AND WHISKERS 5" Charm Pack Fabric Squares

Now I need to get this MESS out of my office so I can get back to crafting. After over a year and a half of hogging 400 square feet to myself, I'm getting coworkers! A Creative Memories consultant friend and her crafty clan, along with other groups we'll set up for scrapping and sewing retreats, will be joining me on a regular basis to take advantage of a clean space, bright lighting, and good fun.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Today's Specials

Today I'm finding an incredible amount of coolness!

Ryan Walsh (I'm Just a Guy Who Quilts) tells us of Fabric Flair's closing sale.

Here are just a few designs you'll find:

How can you not want to snatch up at least one of these??

This awesome I Spy quilt was made from scraps. I haven't yet tried any frayed edge or machine quilted projects so this will be exciting to test.

If you can do hexagons, try One Flower Wednesday.

Happy birthday Nancy!! See what I made for her birthday last week.

This free iApp helps you calculate how much batting and backing you'll need for a project, how many pieces you can get out of a fat quarter or yardage, how much fabric you'll need for a border, and more. Boy! If I'd had this a long time ago my scrap stash wouldn't be nearly so large. ;)

Keep your knitting organized and in order with these sassy bags. If you don't knit, you might start, just for the bags.

Prettiest handwriting fonts EVER.

Great. Now I'm going to have to make a paper pieced Firefox logo and show off my true nerdiness. This came up in a Google images search. It supposedly came from here but I don't know where from there.

A crafting book that's available on Kindle. Huzzah!

I'm feeling more official every day.

Even though I've been doing web and blog design for years, when it comes down to it, I can't do both the blog AND the crafting. I'm taking the easy way out so I'll actually post, not just spend all my time futzing with the technology. Already, I'm feeling pretty good about it. Time I start practicing what I preach.

I'm excited my first official post on this new blog is in conjunction with Tip Tuesday!

Tip Junkie handmade projects is so enormous I literally get lost on the site and by the time I'm done I have about 16 windows open with stuff I want to see. Tip Tuesday is our opportunity to share a tip and link it up with TipJunkie to get a little exposure. Not only that, it puts everyone else's tips in one easy place to sort through. Bonus!

While I'm super excited to show you this:

it will have to wait until next week because the Squidoo lens and how-to isn't done yet. I know, I know.

Instead I have this:

This fab little creation is now a permanent accessory on my sewing machine and you can learn how to make your own here.

Tonight we're expecting 6-10" of snow (yes, in April) so I'll have lots of time to put together the Flower Garden Lattice tutorial for next week. :)
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