Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Missing my Mini

A few weeks ago I said goodbye to my Acer Aspire mini laptop. I was trying to update some software when it crashed, and both my and professional attempts at fixing it were not to be had.

At first I was looking for a way to replace it, but the truth is with a desktop PC, iPad, iPod, and iPhone, I really didn't want to spend another $3-500 on a laptop. Surely I can handle most of my mobile work from my iPad, right?


The lack of Flash has become an issue since I can't upload photos on Squidoo lenses, Etsy, or Blogger using my iPad. There's a Blogger app but it's not flexible enough for my needs.

I thought that with not writing for Squidoo (as a community organizer, I still build lenses) I would be bored and looking for things to do. I've been busier in the last three weeks than I can handle and now I'm paying for it.

My simple little cold that I was suppressing with DayQuil has transformed into one of those gross monstroties that can only truly be knocked down with a decongestant. You know what that means. Sleepy time.

So today while I fight off a nap I'm brainstorming my mobile work options and catching up on bringing you photos from all the cool stuff I've been working on lately. Like this:

I whipped up this disappearing nine-patch for a silent auction at my church fundraiser. It's so bright and cheery...I really wanted to keep it! I'm excited to see someone else be as excited over winning it.

If you haven't been to CrafterBerly on Facebook, stop by! I often post little tidbits that don't make it to the full blog.

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